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Identification of In-Vitro Metabolites of Indinavir using Automated LC/MS/MS Acquisition, In-Silico Prediction, and Structure-Based Data Analysis
Casey Hao, Scott Campbell, David Stranz, and Nicole McSweeney, 2004

Structure-Based Confirmation of Small Molecules in LC/MS Datasets: Application to Metabolite Identification
David Stranz, Scott Campbell, and George Maydwell, 2004

Searching for In-Vitro Drug Metabolites in LC/MS Chromatograms Without the Aid of Radiolabels
Peter L. Jacobs, Joop C. M. Waterval, 2005

Exact Mass

The Use of Exact Mass Measurements at High Resolution to Probe Structural Diversity in Complex Natural Product Extracts
Deborah L. Zink, Scott Campbell, 2006

Hydrogen / Deuterium Exchange

Application of Hydrogen / Deuterium-Exchange to p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase
Yoshitomo Hamuro, Stephen J. Coales, Jeffrey A. Morrow, Patrick R. Griffin, Mark R. Southern, and Patricia C. Weber, American Biotechnology Laboratory, 2007

The role of protein dynamics in increasing the binding affinity of an engineered protein-protein interaction established by H/D exchange mass spectrometry
James R. Horn, Brian Kraybill, Elizabeth J. Petro, Stephen J. Coales, Jeffrey A. Morrow, Yoshitomo Hamuro and Anthony A. Kossiakoff, Biochemistry, 2006

Hydrogen / deuterium-exchange (H/D-Ex) of PPARgamma LBD in the presence of various modulators
Yoshitomo Hamuro, Stephen J. Coales, Jeffrey A. Morrow, Kathleen S. Molnar, Steven J, Tuske, Mark R. Southern, and Patrick R. Griffin, Protein Science, 2006

Distinct interaction modes of an AKAP bound to two regulatory subunit isoforms of protein kinase A revealed by amide hydrogen/deuterium exchange
Yoshitomo Hamuro, Lora L. Burns-Hamuro, Jack S. Kim, Paul Sigala, Rosa Fayos, David D. Stranz, Patricia A. Jennings, Susan S. Taylor, and Virgil L. Woods Jr., Protein Science, 2005

Mapping Intersubunit Interactions of the Regulatory Subunit (RIα) in the Type I Holoenzyme of Protein Kinase A by Amide Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (DXMS)
Yoshitomo Hamuro, Ganesh S. Anand, Jack S. Kim, Celina Juliano, David D. Stranz, Susan S. Taylor, and Virgil L. Woods Jr., Journal of Molecular Biology, 2004

Rapid analysis of protein structure and dynamics by hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry
Yoshitomo Hamuro, Stephen J. Coales, Mark R. Southern, Jennifer F. Nemeth-Cawley, David D. Stranz, and Patrick R. Griffin, Journal of Biomolecular Techniques, 2003

Dissecting interdomain communication within cAPK regulatory subunit type IIbeta using enhanced amide hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (DXMS)
Kerri M. Zawadzki, Yoshitomo Hamuro, Jack S. Kim, Siv Garrod, David D. Stranz, Susan S. Taylor, and Virgil L. Woods Jr., Protein Science, 2003

Protein structure change studied by hydrogen-deuterium exchange, functional labeling, and mass spectrometry
Joan J. Englander, Charyl Delmar, Will Li, S. Walter Englander, Jack S. Kim, David D. Stranz, Yoshitomo Hamuro and Virgil L. Woods, Jr., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2003

Phosphorylation driven motions in the COOH-terminal Src kinase, CSK, revealed through enhanced hydrogen-deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry (DXMS)
Yoshitomo Hamuro, Lilly Wong, Jennifer Shaffer, Jack S. Kim, David D. Stranz, Patricia A. Jennings, Virgil L. Woods Jr. and Joseph A. Adams, Journal of Molecular Biology, 2002