HDExaminer 1.0 Released

Sierra Analytics is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of HDExaminer, a complete software solution for hydrogen-deuterium exchange MS data analysis. HDExaminer is the only commercially available, MS-vendor-independent software of its type.

The software provides powerful functionality to give a comprehensive picture of the deuterium uptake behavior of a protein in solution, to help in determining protein folding behavior, protein-ligand interactions, and other protein structure characteristics.

This release of HDExaminer is the product of Sierra's years of experience writing H-D Exchange software tools, as well as an extensive beta test period in which HDExaminer was tested on real-world experiments by many leading researchers in the field. As a result, HDExaminer is a widely-useful tool, accepting input from many different MS instruments and peptide search engines, and allowing export of all calculated results.

For more information about HDExaminer, visit its product page or contact sales@MassSpec.com.