Consulting Services

Sierra Analytics is available for scientific software development.  We specialize in mass spectrometry post-processing and analysis software for small molecule and proteometrics problem-solving, with experience in related fields such as infrared and UV-Visible spectroscopy, chromatography, data system design and development, and instrument control.

Quick Time-To-Market

We maintain a large tested body of proprietary source code that we use to significantly reduce the time-to-market of clients' projects.  This proprietary source includes utilities for mass spectral data processing (including data reduction, co-adding, baseline subtraction, etc), MS data file access, chemical structure and biomolecule manipulation, fragmentation, elemental composition, and isotope cluster calculation.

Flexible Compensation

We offer flexible compensation terms to meet the needs of our clients, including hourly, flat-fee, shared-risk, and royalty-based arrangements.  Most of our product offerings are the result of a shared risk development effort.

For More Information

If you wish to discuss a possible consulting project, please contact us.

Featured Partnerships

Major Mass Spectrometry Instrument Vendors

Sierra has worked with many of the major mass spectrometry instrument vendors on data system design and development, new application prototyping, and creation of stand-alone products. Our low administrative and management overhead and comprehensive set of reusable mass spectrometry application development tools makes it possible for us to quickly create new software. Our toolset is broadly comprehensive and is available for OEM licensing for incorporation into vendor-developed software.

University of California at San Diego

Sierra developed the DXMS software for automated data reduction of hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectral data as a contractor on a State of California BioStar program grant to UCSD Medical School Professor Virgil L. Woods, MD.  This software has been key to a large number of research collaborations between the Woods lab and researchers at UCSD, Scripps, and other academic institutions.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

The data processing technology used in the Composer software was obtained through an exclusive license from the NHMFL at Florida State University, world leaders in the analysis of petroleum and related materials by high field mass spectrometry.  Our collaborators include Dr. Alan Marshall, Director of the FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry program, Dr. Ryan Rodgers, Director of Environmental and Petrochemical Applications, and their coworkers and students at the NHMFL.

Mestrelab Research, SL

We've partnered with Mestrelab Research to add a mass spectrometry data analysis plug-in to their wildly popular Mnova desktop software for NMR data analysis.  Mnova is designed for ease of use by the non-expert, with a strong focus on structure confirmation and elucidation to support synthesis chemists.  The MS plug-in expands that capability to add mass spectrometry tools for structure confirmation and elemental composition analysis.